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Why is Horsepower Important to Consider? The Team at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Grand Forks Has the Answers

When you've shopped for a vehicle in the past, you may have heard the sales consultant you were working with talk about horsepower. You may understand that horsepower holds importance, but not understand why that is the case. Luckily, the sales team at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Grand Forks is here with answers for you. Essentially, horsepower is important because it is an indication of how strong and fast your car will be when it's on the road.


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Why You Should Avoid Lowering Your Beams Too Early


It's common knowledge that you should lower your high beams when approaching an oncoming car. It is both a safety concern and an issue of etiquette. However, did you know that it may be unsafe to lower your beams immediately upon sighting the other vehicle?

Driving faster than the reach of your headlights is called "over driving" your headlights. At this speed, you are unable to see objects that may be in your lane until it is too late. Switching quickly from high to low beams puts you at risk of over driving your headlights. If the oncoming car…

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