You’ve got so much on your plate as you zip through Grand Forks, ND traffic that trying to make sense of motor oil viscosity seems like a losing battle. Our expert technicians want you to understand as much about your car as possible. The following briefing will help demystify viscosity ratings.

Motor oil comes in many varieties, but their ratings all follow the same pattern. A good example is the motor oil variety rated 10W30. The number before the “W” is the viscosity, or thickness of the oil, running in a cold engine, and the second number is the viscosity coursing through a hot engine.

Both viscosities are essential. Your car needs thinner, low-viscosity oil when the vehicle starts and thicker, high-viscosity oil as the engine warms. Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Grand Forks technicians specialize in answering questions and getting your car the proper variety of oil for its engine.

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