Ford and the Girl Scouts partner bring for racing event

If you think racing is something that just the boys enjoy, Ford thinks you're wrong. Ford Motor Company, this year, will expand its partnership with the Girl Scouts of the USA by bringing the Girls' Fast Track Races experience to eight Girl Scout councils this year, up from four last year.

With the Ford STEAM box challenges, the company is trying to help kids think like Ford engineers. STEAM stands for "science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math." Ford launched to showcase all the education-based programs it offers like engine design, frame design, and electrical.

The Girls' Fast Track Races is based on the popular Pine Derby races the Boy Scouts have enjoyed for decades. Ford thought girls needed the chance to create the perfect race car as well. To build a Fast Track Car, girls use design, engineering, aerodynamics, and weight distribution to get as much speed as possible. They want to show girls that there is no limits to what they can create, even way beyond just a wooden race car.

At Lithia Ford Lincoln of Grand Forks we support Ford's STEAM experience and the effort to inspire young girls to build and create compete. If we can help you find the right Ford for you contact us by phone or online through Live Chat.

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