Knowledge is Power When Maintaining All Vehicle Fluid Levels

You’re probably already aware that your oil is very important to your vehicle’s engine. However, you must keep the oil level maintained to make sure it doesn’t go lower than required. You never want to wait for the warning light on your vehicle dashboard to indicate there is any fluid level lower than required.

Power steering fluid is one of those fluids that some drivers typically aren’t too concerned about. But power steering fluid is the primary source for your steering mechanism and without it, it’s extremely difficult to drive your vehicle, if at all. Another less-concerned fluid is typically the transmission fluid. Unfortunately, some drivers usually find out that the transmission has gone low on fluid, or without fluid, once the transmission needs to be replaced.

Don’t go another day in Grand Forks, ND without allowing the service team at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Grand Forks to check all your fluid levels and keep your vehicle operating at its best!

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