Uconnect - Taking the Angst Out of Long Drives

Kids (and certain adults) can be a challenge during long road trips. Discomfort and boredom take their toll as the hours and miles go by, and can remove some of the excitement from a road trip. Enter the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica and the Uconnect entertainment system; bringing pleasure back into family road travel.

For starters, the Pacifica seats up to 8, is the quietest vehicle in its class and has a multitude of clever storage spots. Entertainment revolves around Uconnect, which features 10.1-inch HD touchscreens with Blu-ray players. Passengers can also track the journey's progress via the multimedia "Are We There Yet" app, or go head to head with Checkers, Backseat Bingo, and many more games and apps. Wireless headphones keep the quiet for those up front.

If you are ready for more adventure and less angst on road trips, Uconnect and the Chrysler Pacifica can be the key. Stop into Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Grand Forks, ND. Our inventory of new cars has a ton of great options to keep your trip breezy.

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