Check Out this Real-Life Story of Lynda's 1997 Ram 1500!

The Ram automotive brand proudly wears the title of being America's Longest-Lasting Pickups as well as possessing the highest owner loyalty of any half-ton pickup! Why is that? The real-life story in the video featured below exemplifies why the Ram manufacturer is so highly regarded and respected in the competitive segment of pickup trucks.

Lynda usually finds that people are surprised to see a little blonde lady sitting behind the wheel of this powerful truck, as she jokes about herself in that commercial. Regardless, her 1997 Ram 1500 has 602,325 miles on the odometer and is still using the exact same engine and transmission that she originally purchased two decades ago!

We have a strong feeling that pickup enthusiasts in the Grand Forks, Fargo and Devils Lake areas in North Dakota and also River Falls in Minnesota will be just as pleased with a Ram 1500 as Lynda. Feel free to visit our dealership at 2373 32nd Ave S in Grand Forks to learn more about the new Ram 1500!

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