Ram offers the gasoline Hemi engine and that is the option that Jim Roy selected. But, did he know the history of the Hemi engine?
Well, if he didn't, here it is.
The original Ram brand developed from a machine shop. During World War II, this brand built a military engine. In peacetime, the "hemispherical-headed engines" (long for "Hemi") were developed.
Gradually, these Hemis became famous for their use in muscle cars. Young folks all wanted to be able to rev their engines and peel out at high speeds. The Hemi muscle car association remains intact to this day.
Thus, when Jim Roy purchased his 2015 Ram 2500 truck with its 6.4-liter Hemi engine, he became part of a long, winning tradition.
This might be partially why Ram is considered one of America's longest-lasting trucks. Its vehicles use well-built parts. With both military and muscle car credentials, the Hemi dominates!
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